Philadelphia Sports Leagues Is Rebranding as Heyday Athletic

Meaning now is a perfect time to join that social soccer league you've been thinking about for the past 2.5 years.


Courtesy of Heyday Athletic

Yep, that’s right. If you’ve been bothering your best friends to finally join that ultimate frisbee, touch football, kickball, or soccer team with you, now is an ideal opportunity for renewing the conversation.

Philadelphia Sports Leagues (PSL), one of the biggest social sports organizations in the country, is set to rebrand its six markets this month under the collective name Heyday Athletic. (No, not that other Heyday that gives you those bomb facials. That’s Heyday Skincare.)

PSL, which was founded in 1993 as the Philadelphia Sport and Social Club, is the oldest social sports organization in our area. Currently, its different leagues bring together six communities of fitness lovers from Conshohocken, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, West Chester, and Philadelphia. Their team sports and group exercises are often a fun way for locals to meet new people outside of their immediate social sphere, and get outside and moving more on a regular basis.


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The Philadelphia location offers basketball, football, and dodgeball, as well a more off-the-wall options like their Sweat Crawl (think bar crawl, but for fitness classes), and something we’re afraid to find out about called “Giant Beer Pong” — which, of course, takes place in Old City. But it’s not just all dodgeball bruises and giant beer pong — they do good for the community, too. Their leagues exist in local parks, and partner with local businesses, nonprofits, and valuable community centers like Starfinder Foundation, Phield House, West Philly Community Center, and Old Pine Community Center.

Given the huge increase in size over the years, the league’s rebranding makes sense. “We’ve simply outgrown our current business model of operating six brands,” says Jason Cooper, a partner of PSL, in a press release. Combining all of the brands under one name allows the league, he explains, to have a more unified social media presence and marketing plan for the league.

The Heyday Athletic design looks fresh, new, and very Philly. It’s no surprise, since they tapped Fishtown designers extraordinaire True Hand Society for the new name and branding.

Cooper hopes that the league’s new incarnation as Heyday Athletic will “welcome adult athletes of every age and ability to get active and have fun.” With over 5,000 teams (that’s 60,000+ people) playing different sports in the league throughout the year, he also hopes the rebranding will help build a better sense of community among its athletes.

Ready to start playing in an adult sports league? (We’re strongly considering kickball.) Grab your buddies: registration for Heyday Athletic’s spring leagues opens Monday, January 27 at

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