The Wall Fitness Brings Trampoline Workouts to Manayunk

You can now take five different rebounding classes at The Wall Fitness, including a barre-trampoline fusion and an interval-based bounce.

Shake up your fitness routine with rebounding, the high-cardio, low-impact trampoline-based workout, now offered at owner Juliet Sabella’s The Wall Fitness Studio in Manayunk. / Photograph courtesy of The Wall Fitness Studio.

For the past three years, rebounding classes have been all the rage in Philly’s fitness scene, thanks to boutiques like Freehouse Fitness (the trampoline OGs), Tuck Barre and Yoga, Allongée Technique, and Amrita Yoga and Wellness. I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump on a trampoline for 45 minutes and call it exercise? Cue your inner child’s happy dance.

While the high-cardio, low-impact workouts are thriving in and around Center City, rebounding starts to become kind of scarce once you hop on the Schuylkill. Besides Tone Zone in Conshohocken and Pop Fit in Havertown, there doesn’t seem to be many other studios northwest of the city offering trampoline-based classes. But there’s good news for those who don’t want to trek to Center City or all the way out to the ‘burbs! You can now work up a sweat by bouncing on rebounders in Manayunk, thanks to The Wall Fitness.

The seven-year-old spin and barre boutique just added five — yes, five! — rebounding workouts to their class schedule. Officially launched on November 25th, The Wall’s new trampoline-based classes will get you jumping (and sweating a LOT) for 45 minutes, with some supplemental strength training or core work along the way.

The Wall now offers five different rebounding classes, which incorporate barre exercises and strength training. / Photograph courtesy of The Wall Fitness Studio.

So, what are the five classes? We’re so glad you asked! Their Cardio Bounce is a full-fledged rebounding class, so expect to be in constant vertical motion the entire time. BarreTramp will have you doing barre exercises on the rebounder (don’t worry, there’s a T-bar attached for stability and control), while Bounce and Core is exactly what it sounds like: bouncing and core work, on and off the trampoline. If you think you might need less air time, we suggest taking their Interval Bounce, which has you switching between jumping in short bursts and training your upper body with weights. Plus, The Wall hosts their free (!) Buddy Bounce once a month, a mommy/daddy and me jumping class that pretty much guarantees post-workout naptime.

Owner Juliet Sabella, who has her own rebounder at home, says she’s totally pumped to finally offer these trampoline workouts at The Wall. “It’s a different kind of full-body workout and cardio experience, that doesn’t require you to put so much pressure on your body,” Sabella says. “Despite all the sweat, our clients are smiling the entire class!” We believe it — how could you *not* have a great workout on a trampoline?!

You can sign-up for one of The Wall Fitness’ new rebounding classes for $18 here. If you’ve never worked out at The Wall, your first class is free!

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