The Best Health Gifts of 2018, According to Philly Fitness Pros

These are the health gifts Philly trainers would totally buy for themselves.

health gifts

What are the health gifts the pros recommend? We asked.

When it comes to fitness stuff, shopping isn’t easy. While something may look good, function is just as — if not more! — important. That’s why we asked Philly’s fitness pros for the things they can’t live without — the gifts they’d give to anyone and everyone, or the items they’ve got on their own wish lists this year — to create this health gifts guide. Now all you have to do is try to avoid buying it all for yourself…good luck!

Lululemon Align Pants

health gifts

These Lululemon leggings are one of the best health gifts money can buy.

$98 at Lululemon

People are obsessed with these pants. Heck, forget people, I’m obsessed with these pants. They’re super-soft, stretchy, high-waisted, and basically the only thing I want to wear when I’m chilling at home (though, I guess you could wear them for yoga, too). They’re so good that not one but two of the trainers I reached out to for this article recommended them. Mariel Freeman, owner of Three Queens Yoga says they’re her “number-one go-to gift” and Shoshana Katz, owner of BPM Fitness, calls them the “softest, coziest pair of leggings you will ever own.”

8Greens Tablets

health gifts

Need a stocking stuffer? These 8Greens tablets work as great little health gifts.

$42 for 30 tablets at 8Greens

These little green tablets are super-packed with vitamins, and they contain no sugar, gluten, dairy, or salt. The Bar Method Rittenhouse owner Gina Russo says she just bought a bunch to use as stocking stuffers. “They’re great for days when I feel like I didn’t get enough vitamins from what I ate or when I just need an extra boost — AND they taste great!”

Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch

health gifts

A fitness tracker is always a go-to when it comes to health gifts.

$250 at Garmin

Fitness trackers are always good go-to health gifts, but especially for runners. Vincent Carrano, one of the leaders of the Philadelphia November Project chapter, says this watch has “really changed the way I train.” After using it while prepping for the Chicago Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon, he appreciates it both for its ability to track distance and time during runs and to show him text messages and the weather when he’s not working out.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle

health gifts

The Hidrate Spark is the tech-age-meets-hydration of health gifts.

$55 at Hidrate Spark

If you go long stretches of time without drinking water — but know hydration is super important for your overall health — then let me introduce you to the Hidrate Spark. It uses Bluetooth technology to sync with an app to keep you up-to-date how much you have — or, err, should have — been drinking. BPM Fitness, City Fitness, and Embrace Your Fit coach Shannon Brennan loves it because it “not only tracks your water, but it also adjusts your daily goal based on how much you’ve exercised or where you’re located.” 

Endeavor Athletic Mesh Movement Bra

health gifts

High-quality ports bras always make for good health gifts.

$52 at Endeavor Athletic

Philadelphia-based athletic wear brand Endeavor Athletic added sports bras to their shop with their latest collection, and we’re thrilled. The smart, functional and fashionable sports bras are a new fave for Flywheel lead instructor and Rhythmlab creator Jackie Dragone, who says they’re “beyond comfortable and move with my body.”

Tiem Cycling Shoes

health gifts

Spin addicts will love these cycling shoes.

$125 at Tiem.

For indoor cycling shoes that don’t look and feel clunky, Tiems come highly recommended. Plus, Katz notes, “They are SPD compatible, so they work at BPM, SoulCycle, Flywheel, and Revel Ride, or really any studio.” Just don’t try to go running in them, warns Katz — they’re really intended for one kind of exercise: spinning.

Hypervolt by Hyperice

health gifts

One of the best health gifts out there: the gift of recovery.

$349 at Hyperice

Yes, it’s expensive. But if seriously sore muscles are making it hard for you to get back to the gym, it might be worth it: “It’s one of the most amazing muscle prep, soreness relieving, knot releasing devices I’ve ever used,” says Osayi Osunde, owner of Fit Academy. Plus, according to Osunde, it’s quiet. “It’s a game changer, and every wellness pro should have one.”

Revive Me by FRE Skincare

health gifts

Good skincare is a must-have for any health lover.

$65 at FRE Skincare

People who work out a lot know that sometimes all that gym time can have less-than-great effects on their skin. That’s why many trainers turn to FRE Skincare, which was designed specifically for women who frequently exercise. Dragone particularly loves this serum, which helps keep the skin hydrated and nourished with minerals.

A Facial at Rescue Spa

health gifts

You can’t go wrong with a Rescue Spa gift card to be spent on skincare goods or their fabulous services.

This luxury spa is what Katz calls “legit an oasis in the city.” And she’s right — their facials are amazing, as are their selection of high-end skincare products. A gift card to go get a facial is a spectacular gift, and Katz says you can’t go wrong with the cult-favorite Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 sold by the spa.

Oura Ring

health gifts

The Oura Rings give a chic upgrade to sleep trackers.

Starts at $299 at Oura

Love the *idea* of a fitness and sleep tracker, but not the chunky bracelet look? Good news: Oura makes chic rings to replace your rubber wristbands. They’re cute and functional — and that’s why Russo has one on her wish list this year.

Roll Model Therapy Balls

health gifts

These therapy balls make for great health gifts for anyone dealing with sore muscles or pain.

$13 at Tune Up Fitness.

While Freeman has used tennis balls to roll over sore muscles and pain points for years, she’s “so ready to upgrade” to the real deal. “These balls provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy by using specially designed massage balls and focused movement routines to massage deeply into high-tension areas,” says Freeman. Sounds good to us!

Lululemon Women’s TechLoom Phantom Shoe

health gifts

Cute and comfy? Yes, please.

$165 at Lululemon

If Millennial pink had a mascot, it’d be these shoes. They’re not only the most lovely dusty rose color, they’re also “super light and feel great in the gym or on the run,” says Robyn Weisman, the trainer behind Results by RW

Athleta Pranayama Wrap

health gifts

A cozy and cute sweater makes for the perfect post-workout layer.

$89 at Athleta

Now that the colder weather has hit, it’s nice to have something cute and comfy to throw over your gym clothes when you’re going to and from a workout. Enter this draped sweater, which Russo loves so much she owns more than one in different colors.

A Stay at The Lodge at Woodloch

The hydro massage at The Lodge at Woodloch. Photograph courtesy The Lodge at Woodloch.

Giving the gift of a weekend away may be exactly what your overworked, stressed-out loved one needs. This luxury resort has a stunning spa (you can buy a gift card here), fitness classes, hiking trails, and more to help someone totally unwind. “It’s three hours away and set in the beautiful Pocono mountains. This is a true gift of wellness!” says Weisman.

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