This Philly Massage Therapist Created a Body Oil Specifically for Breast Health

La Copine is Blind Tiger's unique formula, intended to enhance breast health.

breast health

Blind Tiger Bodywork’s La Copine oil is specifically designed for breast health. Photograph courtesy Blind Tiger.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t used to get the whole body oil thing. Why would I want to slather sticky, greasy oils all over my face and body? Ew, right?

But then I started using Franklin & Whitman’s natural oil Cleansing Serum, and I had to come to terms with the facts: The oil-slatherers are onto something. While a lot of the products I use are intended to suck, dissolve, and scrape away every ounce of body oil I’ve got, skincare oils magically work with my skin to leave it feeling a little softer and more supple than before.

So when I heard that a Philly massage boutique — Rittenhouse’s Blind Tiger Bodywork — had launched a body oil that’s specifically intended to enhance breast health, I was intrigued. The oil is called “La Copine” — that’s French for “girlfriend” —  and it’s a “Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil.” La Copine is made from a base of calendula and sunflower oil with other skin-friendly ingredients — like jojoba, frankincense, and sesame oil — mixed in.

But while these natural oils are filled with fatty acids and nutrients that can be skin-health enhancing, the breast oil isn’t only about creating soft skin. Rather, the oil is intended to serve as a “awareness based product” — reminding women that their breasts need care and attention, too.

“I’ve heard cancer stories way too often. My clients share about themselves, their mothers, sisters, best friends, neighbors, and coworkers,” says Blind Tiger owner and founder Migs Domasiute. “I felt that I wanted to do something to address this issue and raise a little wave of awareness in my community and possibly contribute to catching this insidious disease in early stages.”

breast health

The oil serves as an awareness-raising product for breast health. Photograph courtesy Blind Tiger.

While everyone knows that the stage at which you catch breast cancer can make a big difference in survival rates, checking for lumps isn’t exactly something that fits into most of our daily routines. Through the oil, Domasiute hopes that breast care will become a consistent part of women’s self-care practices.

“In order to notice changes in the body, we need to give it more attention. We should encourage women not to forget about their breasts and do treatments daily, just like we don’t forget to brush our teeth,” says Domasiute. “We think that awareness should be raised not only once a year — in October — but be incorporated in every day.”

As we’re entering Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can’t help but think this little vial of oil — which, by the way, smells amazing and comes gorgeous glass bottles — would make a great gift for all the women in our lives. Because isn’t breast health awareness something we all could use a little more of?

La Copine is sold at Blind Tiger Bodywork, located at 1700 Sansom Street, 6th floor, as well as onlineon Amazon, and The Alchemist’s Kitchen.

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