10 Places to Find Frozen Yogurt Around Philadelphia Right Now

Cool down with a delicious (and fairly nutritious) bowl of frozen yogurt from these ten local spots.

Photograph courtesy The Igloo.

It’s hot people. IT. IS. SO. HOT. Just stepping outside to walk around the block has us with glazed foreheads and drenched shirts. Long story short, we’re desperate for ways to cool down.

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While the frozen yogurt trend may have slowed, there are, fortunately for us, some local spots that still dish it out. Plus, yogurt is filled with live cultures and probiotics, so frozen yogurt — depending what you top it with — can be a fairly healthy sweet treat, especially if you opt for a no-added sugar flavor that many of these ten local frozen yogurt shops offer.

Ready to cool off with a cup of fro-yo? Here’s where to find it.

Whirled Peace

Where: Locations in Fairmount, University City, and Manayunk
What: At Whirled Peace, nearly everyone can enjoy a cold treat. This frozen yogurt spot offers low fat, no fat, no-sugar-added and dairy-free yogurt and sorbet options. Plus, they’ve got a myriad of toppings that range from health-conscious fruits, granola, and coconut to Cap’n Crunch Berries, cookies, and whipped cream.

Berry Sweet Frozen Yogurt

Where: 901 South 9th Street, Bella Vista
What:  The perfect spot for a cool down during a stroll on South Street, Berry Sweet offers your standard fro-yo shop must-haves. Everything from fruity to chocolate-y, and all the toppings you could ever want can be found in this frozen yogurt outpost.

The Igloo

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Where: 1514 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown; 2223 Grays Ferry Avenue, Graduate Hospital
What: Here, the specialities include their Greek Frozen Yogurt and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt — all made fresh daily. In addition to a wide selection of fro-yo, The Igloo offers dairy-free sorbets, gelato, custard, and even a “pup cup,” which is a bowl of soft serve garnished with a dog bone.

Yosl’s Frozen Yogurt

Where: 137 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd
What: Serving delicious and refreshing frozen yogurt from a Kosher-certified shop, Yosl’s might be one of the most dietary restriction-friendly fro-yo shops around. While most of their yogurts and sorbets are gluten-free, the ones that do contain gluten are clearly labeled, as are their dairy-free, non-fat, low-fat, and no-sugar-added flavors.

Kiwi Yogurt

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Where: 3606 Chestnut Street, University City; multiple other locations in West Chester, Exton and more
What: No matter what you’re craving, I bet Kiwi Yogurt has a flavor or two that will satisfy your taste buds. With flavors ranging from blueberry açaí tart to coconut and even eggnog and pistachio — plus basically any topping your heart could desire — you’re destined to score a delicious cold concoction here.

Just Cravings

Where: 946 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties
What: The name of this frozen yogurt shop basically explains their entire menu in just two words because their menu offers just about everything you could crave — specifically in the cold and frozen treat realm. In addition to tons of fro-yo options, they also serve smoothies, milkshakes, custard, popsicles, and even, surprisingly, breakfast sandwiches.  

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Where: 9173 Roosevelt Boulevard, Northeast
What: Menchie’s makes you wonder how you can fit so many flavors under one fro-yo shop roof, but somehow they manage. Offering everything from passion fruit sorbet to southern pecan pie and harvest pumpkin and basically every topping in the book, this Northeast shop is a yummy cool-down destination. Oh, and did we mention that they offer customizable fro-yo cakes?

Chill on the Hill Frozen Yogurt

Where: 5 East Highland Avenue, Chestnut Hill
What: Here, the menu isn’t as overwhelmingly huge as many other local fro-yo joints, but they make up for it in quality. Choose on of their ten kosher flavor options, including low-sugar and dairy-free sorbet alternatives. If you aren’t in the mood for something frozen, Chill on the Hill also boasts a weigh-and-pay candy bar.

Lily Pads Frozen Yogurt

Where: 3130 Willits Road, Northeast
What: Hop on in to Lily Pads for a serving of frozen yogurt that will surely cool you down on a hot day. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements of five-dollar fill-a-cup days, which happen periodically.


Where: 817 Old York Road, Jenkintown
What: What sets this fro-yo spot apart from the pack is the online nutrition chart you can access here to find out some detailed information on every flavor U-Swirl serves – if that’s important to you.

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