Where to Find Healthy Eats, Killer Workouts, and Outdoor Fun in Bella Vista

Susannah Greenwood, a Flywheel instructor and brand strategy director for Sip-N-Glo Juicery, shares her favorite healthy picks in the neighborhood she's called home for the past four years, Bella Vista.

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Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, running trails, and more. That’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

South Philly is most certainly known for having a certain spark, right? Here to show us the best and brightest of one South Philly neighborhood, Bella Vista, is Susannah Greenwood, a FlyWheel instructor and and brand strategy director at Sip-N-Glo Juicery.

Given her love of health and fitness, Greenwood has spent the past four years discovering the best healthy spots around Bella Vista, where she calls home. Below, she shares her favorite neighborhood staples for everything from takeout and grocery shopping to workouts and self-care.

The Best Spots for Healthy Food and Drinks in Bella Vista

Coffee shop: “Rally Coffee on 7th and Bainbridge. My go-to drink is typically black cold-brew, but I will occasionally mix it up with an iced soy latte. Rally exclusively partners with Pennsylvania-based brands and independent companies, including Philly’s own Inspired Brews kombucha, which I’m always happy to add to my coffee order. Rally’s space is beautifully designed, a great place to get work done or catch up with a friend. They also offer a community table which can be reserved for meetings.”

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Healthy brunch spot: “I am blessed to live two minutes away from the famed Sabrina’s Cafe on Christian Street between 9th and 10th streets. This allows me to skip the two-hour wait on Saturdays and slide in for a quick, healthy breakfast on a weekday. While I know most everything on the menu is amazing, my go-to is the Tofu Scramble (spiced tofu with a mix of veggies). It’s so good that I haven’t even opened the menu again since trying it for the first time. I’ll usually ditch the home fries and toast and ask for sweet potato fries instead.”

Healthy lunch spot: “Bahn Mi and Bottles has never let me down. You can truly taste freshness in each and every one of their dishes. I love the papaya salad and the Obama vermicelli bowl. Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect lunch stop that doesn’t give leave you needing an afternoon nap after.”

Healthy date night spot: “Good King Tavern is the perfect date night spot. Intimate with a modern flare, Good King has a killer wine list and thoughtfully crafted menu with an endive salad that I think about on a daily basis — it’s that good. My husband and I went there on our first date back in 2015 and tied the knot this past September, so I can personally attest to Good King’s magic.”

Bar: “Everyone needs a good dark and moody bar, mine is Royal Tavern. They’ve got a great beer selection, along with great bar snacks and my favorite hamburger in the city. In the winter they make a mean hot toddy that warms the winter blues right out of you!”

Healthy takeout: “I get takeout from Bap at least once a week, and even that’s being conservative. The menu consists of the traditional Korean dish, bibimbap, done with four different protein options (my favorites are chicken or tofu), and a few other add-ons. Simple, delicious, nutritious, and on my way home from work. I’d eat this seven days a week and be totally content.”

Grocery store for healthy foods: “While I’m grateful to be so close to a Whole Foods, I typically go straight to the Italian Market for all of my produce and snacking needs. While it may take me a few minutes longer to sift through the avocados and berries, the Italian Market is filled with an unbeatable energy that you can’t find anywhere else.”

The Best Workouts in Bella Vista

Gym: “Charge Performance and Wellness: I was thrilled when this gym opened about a year ago in Bella Vista. Using a thoughtful approach to group fitness, Charge works on integrating fitness as an impactful and sustainable part of their client’s lives. I’m partial to their group training workouts.”

Workout class: “Charge Up: Maces, Ropes, Clubs, and Kettlebells — while the name sounds like we’re rattling off the weapons used in the board game Clue, this workout uses all my favorite things for a full-body workout. I love cardio, and I get a lot of it teaching so much Flywheel, so I have to make sure I’m balancing it out with strength training. This class keeps my heart rate up while making me aware of my athletic movement to build strength and coordination.”

The Best Self-Care in Bella Vista

Massage: “Bella Vista Massage — from the second you walk in the door your shoulders start to drop, your jaw starts to relax, and before you know it, you’re essentially a pool of butter on their massage table. I treated myself to a 90-minute massage after week of teaching extra Flywheel classes and I walked out feeling like a new person. They also let you choose which scents and music you’d like during your massage AND give you chocolate truffles at the end. Heaven is for real!”

Place you go for self-care: “A trip to Molly’s Books and Records in the Italian Market is my ideal self-care. I love taking the time to sift through used records and finding a real gem to add to my collection. It’s quiet, with seemingly infinite options of books and music. I’d be happy to hang out there all day.”

The Best Outdoor Activities in Bella Vista

Park: “I love Cianfrani Park for soaking up some sun and reading on one of their many park benches. I also love Bardascino Park for its little tables and benches, which make for a great place for eating your lunch or dinner outside. Bardascino also has a bocce ball court if you’re trying to pick up a new sport.”

Annual festivals: “The Italian Market Festival is one of my favorite weekends of the year! It hosts all the best food and you truly get a glimpse of South Philly at its finest.”

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