Honeygrow Is Giving Away Free Meals for “Take Back the Lunch Break” Day

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches on June 15.

Photograph via Facebook.

What’s for lunch today? Wait, let me rephrase that: Where is lunch today? Is it at your desk — or are you going outside to sit on a park bench and take a real break?

There have been countless articles written about why taking a *real* break for lunch is important — it helps boost your creativity, gives you a chance to move, and it lets your eyes rest from screen time. With all these reasons, you’d think we’d all take full, hour-long breaks every day.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t feel encouraged to take lunch breaks, according to a new survey, sponsored by Tork (you know, the company that makes napkin dispensers at restaurants). The survey, which took place over nine days last December, asked 1,600 North American employees about their lunch break habits. It found that while 90 percent of them said that taking a lunch break helps them feel refreshed, only 62 percent feel encouraged to take a break.

There’s a bit of a stigma around taking a lunch break. You might worry your boss or coworkers will judge you or think you aren’t as invested in your job. Unfortunately, the Tork survey found that there’s some truth to this: 22 percent of bosses think their employees who take lunch breaks aren’t as hard working.

Of course, that’s crazy talk — because as we all know, taking a break can actually improve your performance. That’s why Tork has declared June 15 “Take Back the Lunch Break” Day to encourage people to get away from their desks at lunchtime — no matter what their bosses think.

Locally, Mayor Jim Kenney has declared June 15 Philly’s own “Take Back the Lunch Break” Day, and Honeygrow is here to make sure we do it. On Friday, Honeygrow is giving away 100 free meals at their University of Pennsylvania location to those who show a commitment to their lunch break.

To score a free lunch, Honeygrow is asking that you post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all fair game) about why you think lunch breaks are important, using the hashtag #TakeBackLunch. Then, you can head to Honeygrow at 3731 Walnut Street on June 15 from 12 to 1 p.m. Show the Honeygrow team your post, and if you’re among the first 100 to do so, your bowl is free!

Now, who’s ready for some lunch?

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