Sip-N-Glo Juicery Majorly Revamped Their Menu — Which Now Includes Bottled Soup

With brand-new juice recipes, tweaks to old recipes, and a new cleanse program, we've got a whole new Sip-N-Glo on our hands.

New on the menu: A Vanilla Majik Pump Up juice, featuring “blue majik” blue-green algae. Photograph courtesy Sip-N-Glo Juicery.

Though Sip-N-Glo has been on the scene and serving up fresh, cold-pressed juices in Philadelphia since 2013, they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their menu. Exhibit A: On Friday, May 4, they rolled out some brand-new juices, tweaked some of their classic flavors, and curated two new cleanses.

And get this: Among the new offerings is a Sip-N-Glo bottled soup. (Yes, you read that right.) It’s an Herb Garden Chilled Soup with tomato, avocado, chickpeas, red bell pepper, coconut water, lemon, and spices. Intended as a meal replacement, this not only sounds delicious — it also sounds like our new favorite grab-and-go meal.

But the soup isn’t the most notable shift in the menu. One of the biggest changes is that all Sip-N-Glo bottles are now 12 ounces, down from the 16-ounce juices they sold previously. These new 12-ounce bottles are included in the two new cleanse programs, the Protein Cleanse (for those on the go, who still want to feel full) and the Detox Cleanse (for those who want to hit the “reset button”), each of which include eight bottles.

Why the change in the cleanses? Sip-N-Glo brand strategy director Susannah Greenwood says it’s because they know that cleanses aren’t one-size-fits-all — and they aren’t meant to starve people, either.

“We fundamentally believe that cleanses shouldn’t be about starving the body, but rather hitting the reset button or giving it a little jump start while flooding the body with vitamins, nutrients, protein, and healthy fats,” says Greenwood.

Also included in the menu revamp: a new “One Love” juice with cucumber, spinach, prebiotics, chlorophyll, and fruit; a “Vanilla Majik Pump Up” to replace the “Vanilla Chia Pump Up,” now featuring the blue-green algae blue majik; and a “Supreme Green” drink to replace the “Clean Green” with cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, basil, romaine, green bell pepper, lemon, dandelion greens, and blue-green algae.

So if you couldn’t guess from all the above, we’ve got some major Sip-N-Glo changes on our hands here, people. Want to check out the new drinks for yourself? Head to Sip-N-Glo at 932 South Street, 257 S 20th Street, or 1700 Sansom Street.

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