This Philly-Area Almond Milk Company Just Launched a Totally Plant-Based Skincare Line

Introducing Clean as Kale, the South Jersey's newest skincare line.

Photo courtesy of Jake Deleon.

Skincare, and self-care for that matter, are having a serious moment — and our faces couldn’t be happier about it! I mean, it totally makes sense since skin IS the largest organ in our bodies, after all. Recently launched South Jersey, Clean as Kale is a 100-percent plant-based skincare line that stems from the creators of almond milk shake brand Origin Almond.

As you might have guessed from the name, the line offers a series of products that are “as clean and pure as the products we strive to eat,” says Jacob Deleon, owner of Clean as Kale and Origin Almond. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free to boot. However, no kale is used in their products — yet.

Clean as Kale’s line features three varieties of “enzymatic polishing granules” or, to the laymen (and women), they’re basically clay-less face masks with a light exfoliant. Each variety is geared toward a different skin type so, if you have problematic or inflamed skin, you’ll want to pick Clean as Kale’s Golden Spiced Healer, which is chock full of turmeric, cinnamon, and allspice. The other two options include the Dirty Derma Purifier, which features charcoal and black walnut powder to recover oily or rough skin, and the Ocean Greens of Youth, which features spirulina and chlorella to help with dry and aged skin.

As for ingredients, Clean as Kale usess it’s sister product’s leftovers by reusing the almond meal remnants from their almond shakes — referred to as particularized almonds — which they combine with botanical oils like, argon, tea tree and almond to create the base for their products — how full-circle is that? From there, they add in more plant-based goodness to nourish your skin. What you won’t find in Clean as Kale’s ingredient list is clay, preservatives, chemicals or anything else you wouldn’t consciously want on your skin — or in your body.

The polishing granules, which will run you $25 per jar, and are currently available online only, are filled with a seemingly semi-wet sand concoction. To use, you take a spoonful of the product in your hand and add in a few drops of water or toner and mix. The sand then transforms into a soft paste, which you’ll slather onto your face and let sit for about ten minutes.

For now, Clean as Kale is keeping their menu limited to the line of polishing granules, but keep your eyes peeled for what might pop up next! Word on the street is that they’re already doing some research and development on some other products.

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