8 Wellness Products This Naturopathic Doctor Can’t Go a Week Without

Including the flu-fighting supplement she swears by.

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We here at Be Well Philly will be the first to admit we can get pretty nerdy about gut health. So when Dr. Tara Nayak opened her Fishtown practice at the end of last year, including special gut-health-analysis services, we were pretty pumped.

Since Dr. Nayak is well-versed in all things natural health — she does way more than just gut health at her naturopathic office — we figured she would be a prime candidate to share some must-have wellness products. Below you’ll find the items and products that she totally can’t live without, plus find out where to score your very own.

Vitamin A Drops

“I’ve been totally kicking cold and flu butt this year! Not only do I use this on myself, I often recommend it to those who come in for a sick visit. I use a specific dosage and form that has been shown to boost the immune system and stop that scratchy throat from turning into a full-blown cold. This helps me avoid getting sick. If I do fall ill, this helps me get over it quickly and easily. Seroyal’s A-Mulsion drops are my favorite because they taste good and I don’t have to swallow a pill. (Disclaimer: Vitamin A isn’t for everyone! Please consult with me or another medical professional before using).” $19 on Amazon.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

“I could never get through a cold or flu without this, another product I stock on my shelves just in case: NAC is a natural antioxidant booster and is anti-viral against the influenza virus. However, my main use is for when I have any type of congestion such as a cough or stuffy nose. This is a ‘mucolytic’ which means it thins out the mucus, thus making it easier to clear for the body and less likely to stick around making me sicker.” $41 on Amazon.


“I have radiator heat in my home. Needless to say, without a humidifier I would shrivel up and dry like a raisin. My cool mist humidifier keeps my nose and throat moist at night while I pump the heat to survive the snow! I find that I breathe and sleep better but also wake up feeling better with this in my bedroom. I like cool mist versions of humidifiers instead of warm, as the warm mist often becomes a breeding ground for fungus or bacteria in your machine.” $67.99 on Amazon.

Anne Marie Gianni Facial Oil

“I know it sounds crazy to put oil on your face, but just try it. I knew I loved Anne Marie Gianni skin care line as soon as I read the ingredients. Her products contain many of the same herbs I use to help people heal! Not only do they have the medicinal benefits of plants they also smell fantastic and are free of unknown weirdly-name chemicals and preservatives. The facial oil has always been my go-to moisturizer and has never failed to get me compliments on my glow!” $42.95 from Annmarie Gianni Skin Care.

Berkey Water Filter

“I am in LOVE with my Berkey Water Filter! It sits in my kitchen right next to the sink. I fill the top with tap water every few days and enjoy fresh filtered water for cooking, washing vegetables, and drinking. Before buying a water filter I did a lot of research on what brands are best; I searched for a filter that doesn’t just remove the chlorine taste and smell, but actually removes the chemical itself. I use both the regular and additional fluoride filter to ensure my water is free of hormone disruptors like herbicides, pesticides, and harmful heavy metals. The best part about Berkey is how long the filters last — each filters 6,000 gallons of water! Depending on how well you hydrate, this can last many many months. I also love that you can easily test your filter by adding red food dye to the water in the top of the Berkey and seeing if the water comes out clear.” $258 from Berkey.

Everyone Aromatherapy Blend: Balance Essential Oil

“I keep a bottle of this blend in my car, bathroom, AND next to my bed! Aromatherapy has serious benefits and it truly alters my mood. I put one drop in my hands, rub together, and inhale for a little pick-me-up and reminder to keep myself grounded, present, and focused. I also place a few drops in my bath at night. As an added perk: everyone hugs me a little longer and tells me how I great I smell. It’s quickly become my personal ‘signature scent.'” $11.99 from EOProducts.

Moon Valley Organics Muscle Rub

“This muscle rub smells great, feels even better, and comes in beautiful packaging. It feels like a lavish little gift. I use this product on strains, sprains, aches, pains, and whenever my muscles just need a little extra relaxation. I appreciate that the company uses clean ingredients, even some that are fairly hard to find. My favorite ingredient is Arnica, a flower that is widely known to aid in bruising, inflammation and arthritis. Just rub this salve into your muscles and feel the warming relaxation!” $15.95 on Amazon.


“These may not be a specific product but I think I would die without lemons! There’s never a time I don’t have a full bag of lemons in my house — I add a wedge of lemon to almost every glass of water that I drink. In the morning I have hot water with lemon to start my day off with a gentle detoxifying action. I also use lemons as a salad dressing mixed with olive oil and some herbs. This lovely fruit helps with digestion as well.”

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