The Checkup: 5 Time-Tested Food Rules Worth Following

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• Almost every day, a new study comes out about what we should and shoudn’t eat. It can all become a bit much to keep track of. But here are five healthy food rules that have stood the test of time that are totally worth taking the time to remember. [The Washington Post]

• The best place to apply essential oils? Your feet. Interesting, huh? [Well + Good

• We all know that soda isn’t healthy. But that doesn’t always stop us for reaching for a can of fizzy, sugary Coke during our mid-afternoon slump (hello, 2 p.m. brain fog). But new research from Harvard shows that if you cut just one soda from your diet each week, you’re less likely to gain weight over time. [TIME]

Flu season is upon us. SEPTA, too-close-for-comfort cubicles, stress and lack of sleep all make us hosts for this year’s flu strain. Not a fan of taking pills for your symptoms? Try these green alternatives – you might even have the ingredients in your pantry. [MindBodyGreen

• Usually, what comes to mind when we hear hypnosis are the crazy depictions in Hollywood of people clucking like chickens or turning into zombies. But hypnosis just uses the power of suggestion – and it’s actually an effective way for emotional eaters to lose weight. [Women’s Health

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