Hallelujah! MOM’s Organic Market Opens Center City Store This Week

The grocery store features an all-organic vegetarian cafe, a recycling center, and all the bulk items you could ever dream of.

MOM’s Organic Market Center City

Center City-ites, I have some truly wonderful news to share with you. Ready? Okay. MOM’s Organic Market, also known as grocery-shopping heaven, is opening its third Philly-area location this weekend, and this one isn’t in the ‘burbs. Hallelujah!

We’ll give you a moment to wipe your tears of joy. Okay, all dry? Here’s the deal: The new MOM’s, located at 34 South 11th Street, in the new East Market development (City Fitness will soon be their neighbor), is set to open its doors this Friday, September 8th at 9 a.m., with grand opening celebrations going all weekend long.

In case you aren’t familiar with MOM’s, the grocery chain, which hails from Maryland, is known for being a sustainable shopper’s dream come true. (So if you’re always complaining about how you want to be one of those “I can fit all my trash from the past year into one paper bag” kind of people but, um, just can’t seem to get there, consider shopping at MOM’s your first step.)

The stores have all-organic produce sections and when it comes to the rest of the aisles, they’re super picky about the products they carry. Think: no artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners; no hydrogenated oil; no shameless marketing to kids with licensed cartoon characters; no bottled water — it’s wasteful; 100-percent sustainable seafood and more. The Center City location will also feature a recycling center where you can ditch old wine corks, glasses, batteries, and more (aren’t you feeling more sustainable already?), a backyard beekeeping section (yikes?), Naked Lunch, their organic all-vegetarian in-store cafe, a liquid bulk section where you can stock up on everything from honey to household cleaners, and more pantry-stocking stuff that will make feel like the latest super-crunchy celebrity (Miley Cyrus?), at least for the duration of your cart-pushing time. 

MOM’s already has two Philly-area locations, but as I mentioned above, this is their first location in the city. So, chances are, you’ll want to head to their grand opening festivities, which will feature meet and greets with local environmental organizations, tastings, giveaways, kids’ activities and more. You can find out more about all the fun going down on opening weekend here.

Okay, back to crying tears of joy you go.

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