The Checkup: How Much Protein Do You Really Need Every Day? 

And more healthy reads for your day.

• Chances are, if you you’re overdoing it on the protein front. While the era of Paleo diets and healthified jerky all over the place has made us all much more aware of the P-word, the average female only needs 46 grams of protein a day, and for the average male that jumps to 56 grams. And many of us get nearly double that. [New York Times]

• A $10 body lotion that could help you sleep better? We are sold. [Byrdie]

• It’s not all in your head: Babies really do smell delicious — here’s why. [Science of Us]

• WTF is “overfat?” Apparently, it’s the new obese — and a lot of us fall into the category. [Well + Good]

• Running before and after delivering a baby are two totally different ball games. Here, 10 weird things that happen when you return to running post-baby (and how to deal). [Runner’s World]

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