10 Cool Adult Lunch Boxes You’ll Actually Want to Carry to Work

Who else needs to stop spending all their disposable income on Sweetgreen lunches?


From left to right: Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote; Kate Spade Lunch Tote; BAN. DO Metallic Lunch Bag

Raise your hand if you’ve spent way more money on Sweetgreen than you’d like to admit. We’re with you. We’re thinking it’s time we stop investing so much of our money into spicy sunflower seeds (delicious as they may be) and invest in a cute adult lunch box that will make us want to carry our own homemade (much cheaper!) salads to work instead. If you’re in the same boat, find 10 cute adult lunch boxes that you’ll actually want to carry to work below. Then watch your bank account grow.

J. Crew Watermelon Printed Lunch Bag
The Investment: $24.99
Because it’s watermelon season (we love you, summer) and because today is National Watermelon Day (really!), I present to you the watermelon-printed neoprene lunch bag of your dreams. It might just be the cutest way to carry your leftover quinoa on all the planet.

Kate Spade Lunch Tote
The Investment: $30
Cute enough to pass as a purse, functional enough to keep your Greek yogurt and quinoa salad perfectly chilled as you get from point A to point B. #Winning

BAN. DO Metallic Lunch Bag
The Investment: $23.99
This medallion-shapped, silver-hued, holographic lunch bag is reminiscent of Disney’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century in the best way possible.

Snakeroots Artist Circle Lunch Bag
The Investment: $28
For when the lid of your leftovers mysteriously comes unhinged (it happens to the best of us), this blue-floral lunch bag is equipped with that easy-to-clean insulated lining.

SUCK UK Guitar Tin Lunch Box
The Investment: $11.82
If rock and roll is your way of life, this is the lunch box for you. It’s shaped like a guitar case, stickers and all.

Ensign Peak Basic Lunch Sack in Millenial Pink
The Investment: $7.99
You can thank us later for helping you find the cheapest way to jump in on the Millennial Pink trend.

Compleat FoodSkin
The Investment: $19.90
Not a lunch box per se, but nevertheless this lunch container is very cool. The Compleat FoodSkin has a highly elastic silicone skin that holds your sandwich — or wrap or other lunch item — together neatly. Meaning: You’ll be consuming the thoughtfully prepared sandwich you created in the morning as-is come lunch.

Erin Condren Blossom Lunch Tote
The Investment: $24
 Made from a stretchy neoprene material, this simple and cute floral lunch bag is squishy enough to scrunch up and shove in your purse for your after-work happy-hour plans. Also, it’s super easy to wash, which helps to avoid that weird lunch-box smell.

Waxed Canvas “Paper Bag”
The Investment: $29.99
For the folks who are going for a sophisitacted look but don’t want to lose the nostalgia of the brown paper bagged lunch, enter the canvas version of your tried-and-true lunch bag.

The Uptown Lunch Tote
The Investment: $29.99
A very, very chic lunch bag, this can totally pass as your everyday black tote while keeping your day’s fuel nice and cool in a stylish and BPA-free neoprene bag.

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