Best of Philly 2017: Acupuncture Is the New Botox

Going under the needle to experience Philly’s best wrinkle treatment.

Philadelphia magazine’s brand new Best of Philly issue has arrived, both online and on newsstands. In the issue, you’ll find the best in everything from fitness studios to brow grooming to brewpubs. Below, a little taste of this year’s issue.

It’s funny, I thought to myself as I drifted peacefully into that weird stage just before sleep, that having a dozen needles stuck in your face can actually be relaxing. I was lying on a table, a heat lamp warming my toes, in a sage-walled treatment room of the Healing Arts Center in Old City while founder Steven Mavros moved quietly around me. On the center’s website is a long list of reasons why people do acupuncture — weighty concerns like infertility (for which Steve has cultivated a loyal following), MS and migraines. Which is why I appreciated the decidedly un-hippie vibe of both the office and the man. I was here for wrinkles.

As our society so often raises a skeptical eyebrow at things we put into our bodies, crunchy treatments that once seemed fringe have moved into the mainstream. Enter cosmetic acupuncture, a.k.a. Botox sans the toxins. The treatment (surprise! It’s popular with men, too!) uses acupuncture needles to increase blood flow and add smoothness and bounce to your skin.

Steve started by placing tiny needles (I couldn’t feel them) in my deepest lines — the railroad tracks across my forehead; those large commas stretching from my nostrils to my lips. Then he lowered the lights and let me rest. When I came to, I felt relaxed but energized. Happy!

That night, I noticed my face was fresher, calmer, in need of a little less makeup. And this was after just one session — at least five are recommended to see big results. No wonder this is the hottest trend in skin care: You’ve got nothing to lose. Healing Arts Center, multiple locations; $90 for one hour.

Published as “Acupuncture is the new Botox” in the August 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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