The Checkup: The Part of Your Workout to Stop Skipping (And How to Do It)

Plus more tips to help you be your healthiest self today.

• Have you been skimping on your post-workout stretching sesh? If you’re looking to improve your mobility, that’s a no-no. Here are 11 moves to cap your workouts that double as sweet mini massages for your achey joints and sore muscles. [Greatist]

• Here, everything you need to do throughout the day to up your energy levels. [PopSugar]

• Hey, millenials — you’re spending way more on groceries than your parents. Here’s how much more your food-shopping habits tack on to your yearly grocery bill. [Food Dive]

• Turns out where you coffee beans are coming from impacts how healthy your morning cup of coffee is. Here are the regions crankin’ out the healthiest coffee beans. Plus, other tricks to maximize your coffee’s health benefits. [Well + Good]

New research shows that working out in the heat might not have the same benefits as hitting up an air-conditioned gym. [Huffington Post]

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