Blink Fitness Opens First Two Philly Gyms

Monthly memberships start at $15.

Photo courtesy Blink Fitness

Exciting news, friends! Remember Blink Fitness, Equinox’s no-frills — and much more budget-friendly — spinoff gym chain, that announced they’d inked four Philly-area leases back in February? Well, as of today, the New York-based gym, which slings monthly memberships starting at $15 (so, the cost of one Sweetgreen salad-plus-drink combo), has officially opened its first two Philly outposts. Yay!

We told you guys all about Blink Fitness and their philosophy here way back in February, but for a quick refresher: The gym is known for its no-frills approach to fitness, which helps them to keep their costs low. Think: no towel service, no group fitness, no saunas. That said, they’ve got what you need for a good workout: cardio machines, weights, areas to spread out and do mat work. But — and this is key — they try their best to avoid feeling like your typical $15 gym with bright lighting, walls painted in hues scientifically proven to enhance mood, and messaging that emphasizes the mood-lifting benefits of exercise rather than pushing a muscles-over-everything philosophy. It’s been compared to Target — the idea is you just feel better going there than, say, Walmart.

Another way they keep costs low is by avoiding setting up shop in prime real estate areas. Their first two Philly-area outposts to open are at 330 West Oregon Avenue in South Philly, which opened on Monday, June 19th, and in Shelly Plaza at 8914 Frankford Avenue in Torresdale, which opens today, Thursday, June 22nd, at 12 p.m. Blink’s next two Philly-area locations are slated to open in early 2018 at the Shoppes at Wissinoming in the Northeast and in Willingboro, New Jersey.

Here’s to never having to choose between your monthly mani/pedi and your gym membership ever again. (Can we get an amen to that?!)

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