The Checkup: Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessing Over Sourdough Bread 

And more healthy reads for your day.

• A new study pitted sourdough bread, often touted as a lower-glycemic and therefore healthier option, against white bread and found — dun, dun, dun — that the whole “sourdough is a low-glycemic option” might not be as clear-cut as we previously thought. In fact, for some in the study, consuming sourdough bread actually made their blood sugar shoot up more than plain ol’ white bread did. Gasp! [The Atlantic]

• Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury’s fall from glory brings about the question: Where are yoga instructors’ code of ethics? [New York Times]

Kava: Nature’s ambien? [Well + Good]

• Looking to be better at life? Turns out, the key to motivation might be thinking less about yourself and more about how what you’re doing affects others. [Science of Us]

• A whole shot-glass serving: That’s how much sunscreen you should be applying to your body, according to experts. Excuse us while we go re-up. [Byrdie]

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