Sweet! Public Sunscreen Dispensers Will Soon Pop Up All Over Philly

They're basically like soap or sanitizer dispensers — but with sunscreen!

Good news for the skin-sensitive (or the forgetful): Philly wants to help keep you protected from the sun.

The city’s getting 20 sunscreen dispensers (think sanitizer dispensers — but with sunscreen!) installed near parks and other popular hangout/workout spots, like Kelly Drive, City Hall, the Citizens Bank Park — and pools, of course. They should be in place before the summer is in full swing.

The dispensers come partially from Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, who was diagnosed with stage-three melanoma in 2013 (he’s now cancer-free).

Schmidt partnered with the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation — a national organization working to educate people on the prevention and early detection of skin cancer — to install the dispensers. He joined representatives from the organization and Mayor Jim Kenney to announce the initiative at City Hall today.

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