The Checkup: Common Weight-Loss Shortcuts That Can Totally Backfire 

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• When it comes to losing weight, many folks think quickie fixes like cutting out gluten or alcohol — or reaching for low-fat everything — are the answer. But here, dietitians explain how these common shortcuts can totally backfire on you. [Women’s Health]

• There is a coconut yogurt that costs $25 per jar. Yes: It costs the same as two and a half Sweetgreen salads. For YOGURT. Here’s why people are obsessed with it, despite its disturbing price tag. [Well + Good]

• One brave soul quit caffeine, alcohol AND sugar for a month — here’s what she learned. [MindBodyGreen]

• If you’re reaching for a sparkling drink to cure your stomach woes, let it be known: Soda doesn’t actually cure an upset stomach. [Science of Us]

• A-ha! This is why you end up having crazy dreams every time you take magnesium. [Men’s Health]

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