The Checkup: A New Science-Backed Excuse to Eat More Avocado (Victory!) 

And more fit reads to start your day.

• This news might be the only thing to make me smile just as much as a perfectly ripe avocado: New research, published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, looked at 129 studies examining the effects of eating avocado and found that eating the green stuff on the daily seemed to be pretty darn effective at warding off metabolic syndrome (that’s the term to describe having three or more risk factors for heart disease and diabetes). VICTORY. [Health]

Marathons can be dangerous for more than just the folks who run them, new research shows. [The Atlantic]

• Fair warning: Your fitness tracker is probably prettttty off when it comes to your heart rate. [LA Times]

• If you think you’re too busy to pee, you’re not — and you really shouldn’t hold it. [Elle]

• Interesting! Turns out how a hospital is laid out can play into whether or not you end up getting a C-section while giving birth. [Slate]

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