The Checkup: How to Make a Loaf of Bread Last Forever

And more must-know tidbits to start your week.

• Whenever I get bread at La Colombe’s Fishtown location (if you haven’t consumed an entire loaf of their fig bread in one sitting, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life), I am ecstatic to have it around for, like, 24 hours — but before I know it, it’s turned hard as a rock. Next time I grab a loaf, though, I’ll be embracing this freezer trick, which involves a baking sheet, some parchment paper, and a freezer bag to make a single loaf of bread last for upward of six months. [POPSUGAR Food]

• If you’re relying on crunches to give you six-pack abs, you’re doing it all wrong, this trainer says. In fact, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. [Well + Good]

• The word inflammation — and all the foods that fight it — is all over the internet of late. But before you can start combating it, best to know what causes it. Here, the top inflammation culprits. [The New Potato]

• New research shows that, yes, like many-a headline reads, alcohol can be good for your heart, but — here’s the catch — only sometimes. [TIME]

• Thinking about hopping aboard the diet bandwagon? Here, the pros and cons of popular diets, from Paleo to Blood Type. [Man Repeller]

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