The Checkup: Starbucks Has Finally Caved to Your Avocado Toast Obsession 

And more reads to keep you healthy today.

• BREAKING NEWS: Starbucks now slings a packaged avocado spread that you can put on anything and everything, from a bagel to make your own avocado toast to the feta egg wrap to, well, whatever else you want avocado on. (Everything? Okay then.) That said, it looks kind of weird in that it’s dark green and appears watery in photos, so maaaaybe don’t get too excited until you actually try it. [Eater]

• Remember when CVS stopped selling cigarettes? Well, new research shows that move had a pretty impressive impact. Let’s give ‘em an applause, shall we? [Huffington Post]

• Cool! Trail runners are getting in on the fight to protect public lands against legislation that puts them (and the trails they boast) at risk. [Outside]

• Did someone say chickpea taco bowls? Here’s a drool-worthy take on them that totally beats takeout from Chipotle. (And I don’t say that lightly.) [Food52]

• This might be the least-gross gym bag in existence — it kills bacteria in your funky post-workout clothes by emitting short wavelengths of UV light and activated oxygen. [Men’s Health]

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