A Smart (and Useful!) Way to Repurpose Citrus Peels 

It'll save you some money, too!

I’m not sure what comes over me when I enter Target, but I always find myself back home, unpacking a bag filled with luxe, eco-friendly kitchen surface cleaners that I imagine Gwyneth Paltrow uses, that give my home the lovely scent of Lemon Verbena mixed with financial irresponsibility.

So, my wallet can thank the folks over at Healthyish for this tip to keep my kitchen spray free of gnarly chemicals and smelling like citrusy deliciousness while spending very little money, and reusing some stuff that would’ve otherwise gone in the garbage. #Winning.

The trick is this: You fill a jar up with citrus peels as you eat oranges or lemons or whatever, being sure not to get any of the fruit in the mix (sugar will make stuff sticky, and you don’t want that), and once the jar is full, you pour distilled white vinegar over the peels and let the mixture sit for one to two weeks. Then, you put said mixture into a spray bottle, dilute with water and voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade cleaning spray. The folks at Healthyish claim, when it comes to distilled white vinegar, “Studies show that it’s nearly as effective a disinfectant as harsh, chemical-based cleaning solutions, and it’s dirt cheap, to boot.” We’ll take it.

Check out their video showing the full process of concocting the citrus-vinegar spray here, then start eating some oranges!

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