The Checkup: How to Tweak Your Workouts to Bust Through a Fitness Plateau 

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• There is nothing worse than sticking to your gym schedule with the same level of commitment Kylie Jenner applies to her lip-plumping game (that’s a LOT of commitment, I would assume), only to see no change in your body. When this happens, chances are, you’ve hit a fitness plateau — but before you swear off the gym, do know, you can bust through it. Here, five strategies to help you start seeing results again. [Men’s Fitness]

Damiana: The libido-boosting superherb you’ve never heard of? [Bon Appétit]

• One very odd reason to go barefoot more often? It could be beneficial to your brain, this podiatrist says. [Well + Good]

• WTF is toxic fat? [The Atlantic]

We tried ‘em, and those Thinx period undies do work. But when it comes to working for the company, folks have less complimentary opinions. [Racked]

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