The Checkup: 3 Happy Hour Cocktails You Won’t Regret Drinking

And more healthy reads to start your weekend right!

• In case you haven’t already jumped aboard the kombucha-cocktail train, let me tell you: kombucha and booze are a match made in heaven. Plus, when it comes to mixers, it doesn’t get much more guilt-free. After all, one could argue that you’re basically doing your gut bacteria a favor by drinking a kombucha cocktail, thanks to the probiotics involved. Here, three ways to whip up your own kombucha cocktails at home, so you have a little something to look forward to when the clock strikes five. [Bon Appétit]

• The Dirty Dozen list — the list of the most pesticide-tainted fruits and vegetables out there — just came out, and spinach has moved waaaaay up. [Women’s Health]

• Don’t know what an Instant Pot is? You better get hip — it will probably be your new kitchen obsession. [New York Times]

• If you’re on the hunt for fitness motivation, this list of the 100 most influential players in the health and fitness realm is a great place to start. [Greatist]

• Spoiler: You’re eating too much bacon, research shows. And it’s not good for your life span. Womp, womp. [TIME]

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