The Checkup: Why This Might Be the Ideal Number of Times to Have Sex Each Week 

And more reads to keep you healthy and happy.

• A new study shows that Americans are having less sex than we used to, which begs the question: Um, how much sex should we be trying to have? Well, according to research, when it comes to couples, the optimal number of times to have sex every week, when it comes to reaping the wellbeing benefits, seems to be once. (Don’t worry, though: More is perfectly fine, too — the wellbeing benefits just level off.) [TIME]

• Well, this story of a man who leaves a bottle of water for the runner who passes his house — at the top of hill — every day just warms our hearts. [Women’s Running]

• An old-school Excel spreadsheet: the winner when it comes to to-do lists? [Quartz]

• If you are (finally) getting real about that New Year’s budget you put together for yourself last December (same), take note of these ways to save money while staying on your health game. [Refinery29]

• You can now have Tom Brady’s diet — designed to “achieve and sustain peak performance, for athletes and non-athletes alike” — delivered to your door through Purple Carrot. [Fortune]

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