The Checkup: How to Squash Sugar Cravings Before They Even Hit

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• Raise your hand if every afternoon, you take a trip to the office candy jar for a handful of chocolates and its promised sugar high. (Same.) Well, here, a weight-loss expert explains how you can adjust your eating habits to train your body to crave better-for-you foods so those 2 p.m. sugar cravings never even hit in the first place. [Men’s Health]

• And speaking of afternoon snacks, here, experts break down how to deal with your snack cravings — whether they’re stress-induced or just a product of a crazy schedule that leaves no room for sit-down meals — to up your chances of dropping pounds. [Women’s Health]

• If you feel like you’re friends with Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy — and you simultaneously cried and clapped when she left Seattle for a faraway land — you are not crazy, says science: Turns out, we develop one-sided friendships with TV characters. [TIME]

• BREAKING: Bowls of turmeric-dusted golden popcorn are the new mugs of turmeric-infused golden lattes. [MindBodyGreen]

• If the thought of Marie Kondo-ing your home doesn’t, well, spark joy, try this less intense approach — which just involves ditching one item per room — to start. [Well + Good]

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