The Weird New $5 Philly Breakfast Item to Curb Your Bagel Addiction

Pure Fare has declared soup a breakfast item — and their take on it is surprisingly delicious.

A sample of the new sweet potato breakfast soup at Pure Fare

A sample of the new sweet potato breakfast soup at Pure Fare

I’ve got two words for you: Breakfast soup. If you imagine some sort of wholly unappetizing brothy egg concoction when you read those words, let me assure you: That’s not what I’m talking about here. But I do understand why your mind would go there — that’s exactly where my mind went when Kriti Sehgal, owner of the fast-casual spot Pure Fare, told me they’d added breakfast soup, along with a number of other new breakfast items, to the menu at their Rittenhouse location at 119 South 21st Street.

Breakfast soup does NOT sound appetizing to me. And this is why I was so surprised at how darn delicious and delightful their take on it is.

Let me tell you about it: The breakfast soup on Pure Fare’s new menu is a thick, sweet potato creation that’s topped with toasted coconut flakes. It tastes wintery in the way a super cinnamon-y seasonal latte from Starbucks does. And, like its more basic menu neighbor, oatmeal (also delicious), it’s thick enough to support the addition of something like a poached egg for added protein. It’s filling, thanks to sweet potato’s hefty dose of fiber, but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy like my typical grab-and-go breakfast of a bagel (oh, how I love thee, empty carbs) always does. And in terms of pricing, also like a seasonal latte from Starbucks, it’ll run you $5, plus tax.

One thing that I originally thought would be super convenient about breakfast soup is that it could easily be portable — again, like a latte! — but this take is a little too thick to sip on. The breakfast soup option will change with the seasons though, Sehgal tells us, so we’ll see what spring brings in terms of portability.

Along with breakfast soup, Pure Fare has also added items like a wilted breakfast salad (that’s a poached egg served over a medley of shaved kale, Brussels sprouts and red onions — MMMM.) and avocado toast, made with avocado slathered on their house-made gluten-free bread, to the breakfast menu.

So there you have it: Confirmation that breakfast soup is, surprisingly, a brilliant breakfast choice.

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