The Checkup: The 50/25/25 Plate Rule That Makes Weight Loss Way Easier 

And more healthy reads to kickstart your week.

• Figuring out what your plate should look like when you’re trying to shed pounds can be confusing. But the dietitian-backed 50/25/25 rule — which gives 50 percent of your plate to veggies or salad, 25 percent to lean protein and 25 percent to starchy vegetables or carbs — makes figuring it out a whole lot easier. [Self]

• A set of stairs and 10 minutes are all you need to get more fit, says science. [Science of Us]

• Here’s a yoga post I’ll bet money you didn’t think you were doing wrong: downward dog. Spoiler: you probably are — but these three tweaks will get your dog in tip-top shape. [MindBodyGreen]

• Who has never once stored a bottle of soy sauce in the fridge? I’m with you — but apparently, that’s where it should go. But peanut butter (an oft-debated fridge-or-pantry item) can stay out of the fridge. Here, your definitive guide to storing condiments. [TIME]

• Fact: Maintaining your health doesn’t have to be so darn complicated. Here, a health and fitness editor explains. [Outside]

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