The Checkup: What You Should Be Topping Every Salad With (But Aren’t) 

And more reads to make healthy living easier today.

• I’ve waxed poetic about the benefits of hemp seeds many a time, but they’re not the only seed worth throwing on your salads: flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds — all of which blend in with just about any mix of ingredients — all offer tons of benefits, like high fiber counts, zinc, magnesium and protein. So get to sprinklin’, people! [Prevention]

Pineapple: Thanks to the enzyme bromelain, it’s what you should reach for when you’re bloated. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Fact: Connie Britton is a queen. So if you want to be more like her (don’t we all?), you can start by drinking this aloe vera and vitamin C concoction she drinks first thing in the morning. Baby steps, people. [Well + Good]

• Here, why you should carb-load after your runs. [Runner’s World]

• Ack! There’s a virus — nicknamed infectobesity — that makes people gain weight. NOOOOO. [Men’s Health]

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