The Checkup: The Carbs Chart That Makes Weight Loss Way Less Complicated 

And more healthy reads for your day!

• Trying to lose weight? The Hierarchy of Carbs, a chart designed by a dietitian after he got a bazillion questions from clients about which carbs to cut for weight loss, is about to make your life a whole lot less confusing. [Men’s Health]

• In case you need someone to explain Trump’s behavior to you (don’t we all?), here, a therapist breaks down his behavior during his first week in office. [Science of Us]

• I hate to add more steps to your shower routine, but apparently dry brushing is your body’s BFF, so you may want to work it in. [BLDG25]

• Is everyone hopping off the bread-is-evil train and back onto the bread-is-the-bomb train for a reason? [Man Repeller]

• Want to feel happier? Get up and move, new research says. [New York Times]

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