The Checkup: The Everyday Habits to Pick Up Now for Weight-Loss Success

And more healthy reads to kickstart your year.

• If one of your goals for 2017 has to do with weight loss, take note: These 19 everyday habits — from simply being kind to yourself when you slip up to keeping track of your food triggers to treating yourself — are here to help you lose weight and (and this might the hardest part) keep it off. [Women’s Health]

• Good news: It’s totally okay to drop a bit of walking into your running routine. And yes, you can still call yourself a runner. [Runner’s World]

• One more reason to bike to work: You’re more likely to get there on time, a new study shows. [Science of Us]

• On a week when it seems everyone and their mother is talking about giving up gluten and dairy and alcohol (and, like, everything else good in life), this list of things to give up — calorie counting! Stress! — is a nice change of pace. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• For when Dry January comes to a close: To run or not to run with a hangover? [Outside Online]

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