The Checkup: Why You’re Not Seeing Gym Results, No Matter How Hard You Work

• Killin’ it at the gym only to see zero changes in your body? Well, there are a slew of factors — from variety (or lack thereof) of workouts to sleep to too much cardio to carb intake — that could be screwing with your muscle-building. [Prevention]

• Interesting! Turns out you shouldn’t exercise right after learning something new — it screws with your ability to keep that new knowledge in. [Men’s Health]

• Picture this: 50 Cent struggling to keep up — like really struggling — in a yoga class. Kind of chuckle-worthy, right? Apparently, he got his first taste of yoga not too long ago, and it didn’t go exactly how he’d imagined. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• The brain is a pretty impressive thing: A new study shows that pregnant women’s brains change in remarkable ways, likely to make room for skills they need to mother their soon-to-come little ones. [New York Times]

• Here, how to recover from a work meltdown. Because, let’s face it: they do happen. [Science of Us]

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