Drake-Themed Yoga Class and Post-Yoga Party Coming to Philly

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

We thought this month couldn’t get any better when it came to yoga classes with bombtastic playlists — after all, we’ve already got NamaSLAY at Three Queens Yoga and an old school hip-hop class at Palo Santo Wellness Boutique — but it just got better: On Sunday, December 18th, Namasdrake, a Drake-themed yoga shindig, is making its way to Philly.

Here’s the deal: Namasdrake, the brainchild of two Los Angeles-based DJs (of course), first came to Philly in September. This will be their second time bringing their Drake-themed yoga event, which consists of an hourlong vinyasa flow class taught to ALL Drake music followed by an after-party complete with a mostly Drake DJ set, to our fair city. Like I said: It sounds like a dream come true.

The event, which is open to all levels, will be held at Voltage Lounge (421 North 7th Street) on December 18th from 12 to 3 p.m. The BYO-mat class is open to all levels, but you must be 21 to get in. The whole shebang will cost you $25 and you can snag a ticket here. Side note: It looks like the creators of Namasdrake also have a Namasbey class. We’ll just be over here waiting for that to come our way.

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