The Checkup: Why You’re Terrible At Your Job the Day After the Eagles Lose a Game 

And more health-related headlines for your morning.

• If you feel like you kind of suck at your job on days after the Eagles lose a game, you’re not wrong: A new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that mood, work engagement and job performance all drop the day after a fan’s team loses a game. (Finally, a perk to not caring about football.) [Men’s Health]

• Philly has a new (and first!) Complete Streets Director. Read: We now have a one more person fighting to make Philly more bike-friendly. Inserts cheers here. [PlanPhilly]

• Fact: The air in your house can get pretty gnarly. Good thing the lovely folks at NASA put together this list of the best plants to filter the air in your home. (The pretty, green vibes are just a bonus.) [MyModernMet]

• People skimping on sleep costs the country a LOT of money each year. Like, billions of dollars. So do your part and get your seven hours, people! [TIME]

• But one time you shouldn’t resort to sleep, according to science: To snap out of a funk. [Science of Us]

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