The Checkup: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rebound from a Holiday Food Binge

And more healthy reads to keep you healthy through the holidays.

• It’s officially that season: The season where holiday parties — and holiday peppermint cocktails and cookies, too — rule. Here, the healthy step-by-step guide to rebound after going HAM on a holiday feast — because it happens. (And no, a juice detox is not the answer — but detoxifying yoga twists that, ahem, get things moving are.) [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• And speaking of the holidays, the busy season can also be a fitness saboteur. Here, six tricks to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals throughout the next month. [Runner’s World]

• If you’ve got Sabra hummus in your fridge, check the “best by” date: The company has voluntarily recalled products nationwide due to potential listeria contamination. [Refinery29]

• If there were ever a week to utter the words “I think I may have some inflammation going on,” the week after the wine-fueled eating extravaganza that is Thanksgiving would probably be it. Here, how to eat your way out of inflammation — really. [Into the Gloss]

• Another reason to nag your S.O. to quit smoking already: New research from the American Cancer Society found that smoking is linked to one in three (!!) cancer deaths. [Men’s Health]

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