3 Things to Know About Lululemon’s New Fishtown Location (Including When It Opens!) 

Lululemon's new The Local Fishtown store | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Lululemon’s new The Local Fishtown store | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Back in September, we told you guys that Lululemon was bringing the fourth location of their new concept store — the ‘local’ concept — to Fishtown. If you need a refresher (it’s been a long few days, we know), the new Lululemon location, dubbed The Local Fishtown, will be going in at 1424 Frankford Avenue, the former home of Kit and Ace. But it won’t just be any ol’ Lululemon store: The idea for the space is part hyper-locally focused store, part hub for the fitness community.

Back in September, the folks at Lululemon were a bit vague about what exactly we could expect from The Local Fishtown, but we just got a whole lot more information from them, and in short, it sounds like a mini Lululemon store with a community calendar on steroids. Think: yoga and meditation classes, workshops, speaker series, seasonal pop-up markets and more. Yep: It sounds like it will be pretty darn awesome.

Below, three things to know about Lululemon’s new Fishtown spot, including when they’re opening. (Hint: You’ll be able to see it for yourself before the month ends. Eeeee!)

1. The community calendar sounds like it will be worth bookmarking. As the folks at Lululemon tell us, the community programming for the store includes seasonal pop-up markets with goods from local vendors; workshops on everything from lettering to gift-wrapping to putting together floral bouquets (yes, please!); conversation panels and speaker series where people can exchange ideas, information and skills; “the Gallery,” designed to give people the opportunity to discover new local artists; and monthly yoga and meditation classes open to all. See? Community calendar on steroids. They’ll also have a long community table in the store to use for anything from meetings to co-working (they call it “the Hub”).

And lest you think you have to wait to start penciling events into your calendar, they tell us they’ll be hosting a First Friday Lululemon LabNYC trunk show on December 3rd and 4th.

2. The store won’t just be slinging Lululemon product. As they tell us, “The Local Fishtown is going to be jam-packed with community collaborations and a celebration of local and independent designers.” To start, they’ll have items from local designers like Kingsnake Designs, VIVOwalls, Britta Keenan, Supra Endura and Whisler Civilian. They’ll also, of course, have Lululemon product, though the pickings will be a bit more slim than your normal Lululemon store; as they told us back in September, they’ll have a curated selection of Lululemon product chosen to fit the needs of a Fishtown resident. (For me, a Fishtown resident, this means leggings that will feign a put-together look when I roll into La Colombe at 2 p.m. on a Sunday after drinking too many Loco Pez margaritas on Saturday night … ?)

3. They’re opening VERY soon — on November 25th, to be exact. (Yep, that is Black Friday.) Details on the opening day festivities are still a bit slim, but one thing we do know is that you can expect the store to host an outdoor workout on the 25th to celebrate the launch. Stay tuned!

You can keep up the The Local Fishtown on Facebook here. And stay tuned for more opening day details!

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