The Checkup: Research-Backed Ways to Save Big on Your Weekly Grocery Bill 

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• Who else accidentally spends the entirety of their disposable income at the grocery store every weekend? No more: These research-backed grocery shopping tips — think: opting for a cart instead of a handheld basket and wearing headphones — are here to help cut your weekly grocery bill way down. [Greatist]

• Looking to up your body’s fat-burning powers? You’re going to want to exercise. A new study founds that when you exercise, you release the hormone irisin. And irisin, my friend, is a fat-burning powerhouse. [Futurity]

• The fanciest reusable water bottle out there? A bottle that infuses your water with crystals. [Well + Good]

• How to turn your to-do list into something you actually want to look at: Work longterm goals that remind you why you’re doing all those tedious little tasks into the list. [Science of Us]

• Here, dietitian-backed ways to up the healthy-eating points in your bowl of cereal. Because sometimes a gal just wants a bowl of Cheerios. [Shape]

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