The Checkup: The Trick to Boost the Calorie-Burning Powers of Your Run

And more healthy reads to start your morning.

• If this week’s rainy forecast has you planning on squeezing in a treadmill run or two, take note of this 30-minute treadmill workout that’s designed to ramp up your run’s after-burn effects. And note: The workout can also be done outside — just make sure you pick a running spot where you won’t trample anyone when you’re sprinting all out. Sprinting, my friends, is the key. [Women’s Health]

• A dietitian-backed trick to help keep your weight in check: Instead of deeming foods good and bad, think of them as everyday foods and occasional foods — and indulge in the occasional foods occasionally! [Men’s Health]

• The folks down in D.C. just got a napping (and meditation) studio. Insert eyes green with envy here. [DCist]

• Gwyneth Paltrow is officially onboard the #nomakeup train — and after reading what she has to say about ditching concealer and mascara, you just might be inspired to hop on too. [Well + Good]

• An unexpected use for YogaToes: Curing bunions? [The Cut]

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