It’s Official: The Bone Broth Trend Has Gone Too Far

Apple cider bone broth is now a thing.

The healthy-eating world is full of trends that occasionally go one step too far and make us all shake our heads in disapproval. Take the trend of bread-less burger buns, a favorite on Pinterest and Paleo blogs alike, for instance. Last month, a food blogger dared to call an avocado sprinkled with sesame seeds a bun and the internet freaked out. To be clear: Portobello caps can be bread-less burger buns. Slices of sweet potato “toast” can be bread-less burger buns. But avocado sprinkled with sesame seeds does not a burger bun make.

And now, I’m going to go ahead and say that the bone broth trend — that’s right, in case you missed it, people are now drinking straight bone broth in the hopes of soaking up nutrient-filled collagen and gelatin — has officially pushed its limits, too.

After hitting Baltimore’s big health and wellness expo, Expo East, this past weekend, the folks over at Well + Good put together a roundup of the coolest new healthy foods and drinks coming to stores. On the list? Epic Bison Apple Cider Bone Broth. I repeat: Apple Cider Bone Broth.

Not only does the thought of a cup of sweet apple cider bone broth make me throw up in my mouth a little bit, it also begs the question: Is nothing — not even the greatest fall drink of all time — sacred? Too far, bone broth. Too far.

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