The Totally Unofficial (But Super-Useful) Fitness-Filled Philly Free Streets Map

Consider this your cheat sheet for tackling the 10 miles of car-free streets throughout Philly this weekend.

If you’ve been busy creating you master plan to tackle the 10 miles of car-free streets at Philly Free Streets this week, you’re going to want to take a look at this map, which puts everything from fitness programming to Philly Free Streets information stops to bathroom locations (very important) and more into one very easy-to-digest map.

The city released a Google Maps creation detailing the Philly Free Streets programming yesterday (you can check it out here), and some lovely human on the internet took the information from that map and gussied it up a bit, creating an easier-to-digest version of the Philly Free Streets map that splits activities into helpful categories.

They’ve dubbed it “The Totally Unofficial Free Streets Map” and on it, they identify activity hubs throughout the course, like the Get Lost in a Mural Maze (cool!) and where to find bicycle safety repair courtesy of the folks from Neighborhood Bike Works, and plenty more; hot spots for music and educational activities; scheduled events, SO many of them fitness-related, like a Back on My Feet group run, a City Fit Girls group ride, a power walk with Mayor Jim Kenney (really), boot camps and group runs with November Project, yoga classes with Roots2Rise Yoga, cardio boot camps with ITrainLion; and more. Yeah, there’s a TON of free fitness programming on the agenda. (Thanks for keeping us on our fitness game Philly Free Streets!)

You can check out the map below. See you out there, friends!

(One thing to note: The creators of the map are careful to note that it hasn’t been endorsed by the City of Philadelphia or Philly Free Streets, and it won’t automatically update if programming and locations change. So before you head to an event, you may want to do a quick cross-check.)

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