The Checkup: Are Avocado Brownies Good Or Gross? (You Know You’ve Wondered)

• Swapping avocado for butter in a brownie recipe cuts calories BIG time. But — because we know you’re wondering — does the end result taste like brownies gone so wrong? BuzzFeed investigates. [BuzzFeed]

• Here, psychologists explain why you laugh whenever you see someone fall. (Don’t worry, you’re not a total jerk for doing so.) [Men’s Health]

• Before you run out and buy the new Fitbit, note: A recent study found that people who used fitness trackers lost less weight than those who didn’t. Upsetting, we know. [Science of Us]

• Because we know you’re already planning your Christmas wish list: These are the most popular vegan cookbooks on Amazon. [Well + Good]

• The answer to the question you know you’ve asked yourself: WTF is listeria? [Health]

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