Love Run Registration Opens Today (And a Bunch of Runners Will Get in for Half Price!) 

150 lucky runners will get their half marathon bibs for just $32.50.

Photo courtesy the Love Run

Photo courtesy the Love Run

It’s that time again: Time to register for the fourth annual Love Run Half Marathon, going down on March 26th. I know, I know, asking you to think about March when it’s only September is sort of cruel, but we wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t something good in it for you. So, why do you need to know about registration for the March race right this second? Well, today and today only, the run will give 150 runners their bibs for half price, meaning you could get your half marathon bib for just $32.50. Sweet, right?

The run, open to 10,000 runners has sold out for the past three years. When it comes to getting your bib for half price today, here’s the deal: You register for the race for $65 and throughout the day today, race organizers will randomly pick lucky winners from the pool of registrants to get half off their entry fees. If you’re chosen, they’ll refund you so your registration will just run you $32.50. Not bad, eh?

Registration opened this morning and they’ll be announcing around 25 winners on their Facebook page every hour from 10 a.m. until they reach 150. You can find out more about the race and get your registration on here.

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