You’ve Been Pronouncing “LaCroix” All Wrong

Well, this is embarrassing.

Just now, my boyfriend was sitting across the kitchen table from me reading the August issue of Bon Appetit (Philly gets a couple of nods in the mag’s Best New Restaurants feature, by the way), when out of nowhere, he asked me, “How do you say ‘LaCroix‘?” I answered, “Uhhhhh, ‘La-qua,’ DUH.” (I am an obnoxious human, especially directly following my first few servings of caffeine for the day.) He answered back, “Wrong.” I slumped down in my chair in shame.

And I know I’m not alone. Admit it: You totally pronounce it “la-qua” too. But apparently, as Bon Appetit points out on page 40 of this month’s issue, the name for the zero-calorie flavored sparkling water that has garnered a seriously devoted following of can-guzzling addicts (that this gal right here happens to be a part of), is actually pronounced — wait for it — “la-croy.”

What the whaaaaat?!

After my boyfriend smugly hit me with this information, I hopped on over to LaCroix’s website to confirm the mind-blowing revelation, and there it was: The company’s answer to the question “How is ‘LaCroix’ pronounced?” on their website reads “La-CROY. It rhymes with ‘enjoy.'” Clever, LaCroix, clever.

Now, whether or not you choose to tweak your pronunciation is entirely up to you, but the more you know, you know?

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