Meet Cinnamon Buns, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

She's just as lovable as the food she's named after.

This week’s adoptable running dog, Cinnamon Buns, hasn’t gotten much running in with the Monster Milers yet, but they think she’d make for a great shorter-distance running partner. And she will definitely make for a great life partner, seeing as she loves just about everyone and everything, especially humans. Learn more about her below.

Name: Cinnamon Buns

Age: 1 year

Breed: Mastiff/Boxer Mix

Size: 85 pounds

Background: Cinnamon Buns was surrendered when her owners could no longer care for her.


Running style: We have not fully tested out Cinnamon Buns’s running ability yet, because she came to Street Tails last week during our heat wave. She was not a fan of the heat and even tried to hitch a ride in a few random cars! However, she’s a very energetic girl and would probably make a great 5K training partner. Due to her larger size, she probably should not run long distances.

Why Cinnamon Buns is awesome: Cinnamon Buns will make you love life just as much as you love actual cinnamon buns. She’s such a happy dog that it’s literally impossible not to be happy around her: She LOVES everything life has to offer, including other dogs and especially people. Walking a large and energetic dog may seem daunting, but Cinnamon Buns makes it easy thanks to her excellent leash manners. Cinnamon Buns would make a great addition to almost any home!

If you’re interested in adopting Cinnamon Buns, you can fill out an application at or contact Street Tails Animal Rescue by phone at 267-761-9434 email them at And for more awww-worthy photos, check out our previous adoptable running dogs here.


We work with The Monster Milers each and every week to profile local running dogs waiting to be adopted. The Monster Milers are a group of runners who help shelter dogs burn off  energy and get much-needed exercise by taking them on runs around the city, and they also just launched their first-of-it’s-kind Adopt a Running Buddy foster program. If you’re not in the market for a pup right now, but would still love to help out homeless dogs, you can always become a Monster Miler volunteer or foster parent. Find out more about how to get started with those processes here

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