The Training Plan to Take You From Broad Street to a Half Marathon

Because why stop at 10 miles?

If after you tackled the 10 miles of the Broad Street Run this weekend, you thought to yourself, “NOW it’s time to tackle a half marathon!” the folks from ODDyssey Half Marathon, coming up June 12th, are here to help. (Sidenote: Go you for not simply thinking “Time to tackle the most epic of ALL epic Netflix marathons,” like I would’ve.) They’ve teamed up with local running coach John Goldthorp of Fix Your Run to put together a post-Broad Street training plan that will get you ready for a half marathon just in time for ODDyssey. And you’d better lace up your running shoes, because it starts today. (Hey, you’ve run in the rain before.)

You can check out the training plan here.  And note: By tackling the ODDyssey Half Marathon, you’ll be crossing an item off of our Ultimate Philly Fitness Bucket List. Again, go you!

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