PHOTOS: Last Night’s Be Well Philly Underground Sweat and Salads Event

Last night, we teamed up with CorePower Yoga and Sweetgreen for a VERY sweet (see what we did there?) yoga class.

Photo by Susan Nam

Photo by Susan Nam

Let’s be honest: Awesome Monday nights — like, truly awesome Monday nights — are pretty rare, at least for me. Monday nights in my world are usually reserved for catching up on The Real Housewives. (I am not ashamed, though I probably should be.) But last night was a truly awesome Monday night. Last night, we teamed up with our friends from Rittenhouse’s CorePower Yoga and Sweetgreen for our Be Well Philly Underground Sweat and Salads event, a hot yoga class followed by — wait for it — free Sweetgreen salads for all. See? Awesome.

The CorePower Yoga class, led by the great and totally butt-kicking Nanci Dodson (she’ll also be teaching one of CorePower’s signature classes at Be Well Philly Boot Camp on June 4th, by the way!), was the perfect way to sweat out the Monday Blues, and the Sweetgreen salads that greeted everyone after we’d done what seemed like 5,937 Chaturangas made all those Chaturangas totally worth it. (Anyone else have the Hummus Tahina salad with baked falafel? 14 hours later, I’m still thinking about it.)

Along with the sweat session and salads, each attendee got a snazzy water bottle from Verizon along with some Independence Blue Cross swag, and one lucky yogi won a portable Bluetooth speaker, courtesy of Verizon. (I am outrageously envious of all the music-filled picnics in their future.) I want to give a BIG round of applause to our friends at CorePower Yoga and Sweetgreen for helping us get our sweat and post-sweat refuel on. And another big round of applause to everyone who powered through the class. It was not easy – I know. If you missed out, make sure to sign up for Be Well Philly Underground here (it’s free!), so you don’t miss out on the next event. You can check out photos of last night’s fun below.

All photos by Susan Nam.

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