The Checkup: How Google Calendar’s New Feature Will Make You Stick to Your Weekly Workout Plan

And more healthy reads to kick off your week.

• If you always tell yourself you’re going to work out three times a week, but then just “don’t have tiiiiime,” Google Calendar’s new feature, called Goals — which finds time for you, then reminds you that you do, in fact, have time to do what you said you would do — will change that. [Science of Us]

• As if regular ol’ push-ups weren’t hard enough, five yoga-inspired variations that will make your shoulders sore just thinking about them. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Even Justin Bieber is hopping aboard the adult-coloring-books-for-relaxation train. Hey, whatever works, right? [Attn]

• Does going to town on a giant meal — like say a portobello burger and cheese fries and a shake from Shake Shack — really stretch your stomach, making you want to eat more later? A medical professor weighs in. [Health]

• What is the purpose of human laughter? A study sets out to answer that question. [Slate]

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