The Checkup: Have You Ever Peed Your Pants During a Race? (Be Honest)

And more health-related reads to get your brain going this morning.

•  Author and runner Jen A. Miller highlights an interesting dilemma over on The New York Times: Where to go to the bathroom, as a lady, on longs runs and during races. She then goes on to tell a story of a runner who couldn’t get to a porta potty at the Philadelphia Marathon, so she just peed her pants — on purpose — and ran on. And I’ve talked to other runners who’ve admitted to, ahem, relieving themselves without stopping during a race, mostly because they just didn’t want to stop. So, my question: How common is this? (No judgment. I mean, okay, maybe a little judgment — but not much.) [The New York Times]

• Ch-ch-changes: ClassPass is making some. [Well + Good]

• Feeling very envious right now: These four ladies tested out Beyoncé’s new fitness line, Ivy Park, to see how the clothes held up during a sweat session. Obviously, they were flawless. [Elle]

• Listen up, South Philly residents: A new (seemingly very cute!) grocery store called Grocery + Lunch is headed your way. [Passyunk Post]

• Turns out, vegetable oils might not be all they’ve been cracked up to be for, oh, the past 50 years. [Futurity]

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